About our brand

Our story

InCurvo is a brand built by a team of enthusiast entrepreneurs and industry experts, passionate about climbing.

We want to empower you as route-setter, with shapes that inspire creative moves.

We want to make your life easy as sports teacher, by providing shapes with which you will easily open routes and pass safely key knowledge about climbing

We want you, as a climber, to feel intrigued and thrilled about grasping our shapes when you see them on the wall.

We want all of you to feel that you can bend space, bend time and bend limits with InCurvo shapes.

We want to give you the best to CRAFT THE MOVE.

Our Values


We do what we say. We say what we think. This authenticity is our key to unleash our creativity.


We want you to feel free when experiencing our shapes: free to try new moves and reach new heights.

Cool togetherness.

Climbing is more than a sport to us: it is a lifestyle. It is about being together in a cool and friendly atmosphere.


We are restless. We always look for the next good idea that will shake the route-setting experience.


We want to bring beauty and quality in every single shape, while respecting the beauty of Nature.

We want to give you the best to CRAFT THE MOVE.