About our holds

Our creative line.

InCurvo shapes comes from various creative minds.

Shapers from around the world feed us with minimalist and powerful foam shapes. Out of these foam shapes, we consequently manufacture the molds and start the casting process.

Designers also shape for us, using 3D-drafting softwares. Then, we use 3D-printers to bring these shapes to life and make the molds.

Yet, independently of their origin, we have five key pillars for our shapes: directionality, functionality, aesthetics, variety and comfort.

Thus, our shapes are part of themed collections. Each collection has a unique feel, and we love to unveil regularly new collections that will serve your purpose.

Our materials


Our PE is also the first generation of a new composite material made of silica, fiberglass and polymer. Silica limits erosion and fiberglass increases the rigidity of our holds. The mix of this composite with our pigments lead to vivid and consistent colors, in line with industry standards. 

In addition, the PE composite that we use is both water-resistant and UV resistant. Thus, our holds can be used outdoor. 

Our shaping techniques include hollow-back: this makes most of our PE holds 2 to 5 times lighter, while preserving their mechanical properties. Lighter weight lowers shipment costs and carbon footprint. Our aim is also to ease route-setters’ life when they set new routes at height. 


Our PU is is the first generation of its kind on the market, and a long-lasting resin material thanks to its high resistance to abrasion. It also shows a high mechanical strength. The pigments we mix with our PU resin lead to consistent vibrant colors, including four flashy fluoro colors colors, all in line with industry standards. 

Compared to PE, PU is a lighter and more robust resin material. As such, it is highly appreciated by route-setters. On top of this, most of our PU shapes are hollowed, which leads to holds that are 2 to 6 times lighter, their mechanical properties being preserved. 

PU has been adopted by the climbing industry in order to provide an alternative to PE. Among the pros, PU holds are light-weighted which makes route-setters’ life easier when setting routes at height. They also have a better resistance to shocks and route-setters can drill additional wood screw holes whenever they need. In addition, a wider spectrum of shapes can be reached by using PU resin. Yet, its price is higher that PE resin.

Glass Reinforced Polymer.

Our volumes in fiberglass are made using an infusion technic. This leads to thin and light-weight volumes, while preserving their rigidity thanks to high-quality fiberglass. Our fiberglass composites can be combined with PE and PU polymer materials.