About the brand

Craft the move.

We want you to feel that you can bend space, bend time and bend limits with InCurvo shapes.

The story behind the brand

InCurvo is a brand founded by an ordinary climber, Lena. She started to climb quite late in her life, when she met a climbing instructor at a birthday party. He initiated her to outdoor climbing and at that moment, she faced her fear of height while marvelling at the beauty of the landscape from viewpoints that would not be accessible otherwise.

Then, she started to go quite often to indoor climbing gyms, and kept some bounds with outdoor climbing. Progressively, climbing shaped her life and brought her to places she would never had explored if not for climbing. Enjoying the increasing positive influence of climbing on her life, she felt the need to contribute to the development of sport climbing. Noticing that more and more climbing gyms are opening worldwide, and that more and more fellows join sport climbing, there was an obvious need for a diversified selection of fresh climbing holds launched to market regularly. This is how the brand was born, in 2020. 

We want to empower you as a route-setter, with shapes that inspire creative moves.

We want to make your life easy as a sports teacher, by providing shapes with which you’ll easily open routes and pass safely key knowledge

We want you, as a climber, to feel intrigued and thrilled about grasping our shapes when you see them on the wall.

We want to give you the best to CRAFT THE MOVE.

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Collection WILD
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Collection BORN
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Our values

Cool togetherness.

Climbing is more than a sport to us: it is a lifestyle. It is about being together in a cool and friendly atmosphere.


We are restless. We always look for the next good idea that will shake the route-setting experience.


The shapers we work with are living in different parts of the world. Most of our collections in 2021 got shaped by shapers in the USA. 

Our business partners


InCurvo holds are distributed in South East Asia, by All Sports Equipment. In the UK, by Kong Holds. In the USA, by Not Dead Yet LLC. In Canada, by The Climbing Supply.


The molding step takes place in a facility founded by a dynamic team of french entrepreneurs, who have worked for several years in the climbing industry. They are committed to excellence.

Our offer

We offer a range of climbing holds and macros shaped using either high-quality foam or 3D-printing. They are made in PE, in PU, or in GRP.

We focus on hollow-back shapes, to reduce weight. Not only route-setters’ life is made easier, but also the carbon footprint of our shipments is lowered.

Our collections address both kids and adults across all levels. The full range of grips is covered across these collections.

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