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You have three options to pinch this one. Each pinch has a different width. For medium levels on vertical or slab walls, and for advanced levels on overhangs and roofs. You could use other AURE macros  as blockers of this one,  or as a hand-to-foot macro, to tailor further the moves that you create. Also available as fully textured. Monochromatic is the standard option for the dual-tex version. Dual-color option on the dual-tex version is subject to price consultation: Contact.

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Weight 1.02 kg
Dimensions 55 × 47 × 8 cm

Traffic White, Sky Blue, Signal Blue, Leaf Green, Pure Green, Zinc Yellow, Traffic Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pure Orange, Traffic Red, Telemagenta, Purple US, Signal Violet, Jet Black, Silver Grey


Dual-Tex, Fully textured


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