Born-10 is the story of creating a smooth round shape inspired by how an egg looks like, and then hitting it to destroy it.

Traffic White
Sky Blue
Signal Blue
Leaf Green
Pure Green
Zinc Yellow
Traffic Yellow
Pastel Orange
Pure Orange
Traffic Red
Purple US
Signal Violet
Jet Black
Silver Grey
Fluo Yellow (PU only)
Fluo Orange (PU only)
Fluo Pink (PU only)
Fluo Green (PU only)
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From this destruction process, further work was required to create a multi-facetted crack, each one with a different orientation, and a different dimension. So, depending on how you set this shape, climbers will be able to experience a bunch of possibilities to place their fingers in this crack. If set at a close distance from other holds, you will allow climbers to use the sloper parts of it. The aesthetics of this shape is quite atypical, from what we know and we hope that you will be intringued by it, triggering your will to have fun giving it a try!

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Traffic White, Sky Blue, Signal Blue, Leaf Green, Pure Green, Zinc Yellow, Traffic Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pure Orange, Traffic Red, Telemagenta, Purple US, Signal Violet, Jet Black, Silver Grey, Fluo Yellow (PU only), Fluo Orange (PU only), Fluo Pink (PU only), Fluo Green (PU only)


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