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Grip: This set is made of nine pinch-style holds, each one offering different incuts on each face. It is shaped in high quality foam.

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Climbing features: These shapes can be set for various purposes. The smallest ones can be sloppy or comfortable footholds, depending on the direction along which they are set. They can become highly challenging footholds if the smallest faces are used. They can as well be funky small handholds, for those loving such small grips. On intermediate to advanced routes set on slabs, the smallest holds can be used as a fingers-matching top hold, for working balance-based moves. On the biggest shapes of this set, the various angles of each incut will offer different challenges to climbers. From epic sloppy footholds to fleeing pinches, intermediate to advanced climbers will have fun.

Aesthetics: The look is extrapolated from triangular-base prisms.

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Quantity of holds


Quantity of bolts and screws

9 of each, not included


DF washer

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Traffic White, Sky Blue, Signal Blue, Leaf Green, Pure Green, Zinc Yellow, Traffic Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pure Orange, Traffic Red, Telemagenta, Purple US, Signal Violet, Jet Black, Silver Grey, Fluo Yellow (PU only), Fluo Orange (PU only), Fluo Pink (PU only), Fluo Green (PU only)


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