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The Micro Geom are technical foot holds, each one is equal to or less than 5cm. for advanced climbers who will be challenged on positioning their feet correctly. The can be used as hand holds too, on slabs ideally or even on vertical walls. When we shaped these holds, we thought about pyramids in Egypt and polished precious stones. So, we hope that climbing on them will make you travel, and remember how precious it is to be practicing a sport that you love.

Traffic White
Sky Blue
Signal Blue
Leaf Green
Pure Green
Zinc Yellow
Traffic Yellow
Pastel Orange
Pure Orange
Traffic Red
Purple US
Signal Violet
Jet Black
Silver Grey
Fluo Yellow (PU only)
Fluo Orange (PU only)
Fluo Pink (PU only)
Fluo Green (PU only)
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Traffic White, Sky Blue, Signal Blue, Leaf Green, Pure Green, Zinc Yellow, Traffic Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pure Orange, Traffic Red, Telemagenta, Purple US, Signal Violet, Jet Black, Silver Grey, Fluo Yellow (PU only), Fluo Orange (PU only), Fluo Pink (PU only), Fluo Green (PU only)


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