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Grip: This set is made of one jug-style hold. It is shaped in high quality foam.


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Climbing features: This shape can be used as a matching hand hold, like the other shapes of this set. Set in combination with other shapes of this collection, you can either create pull-up moves from one to the other or compression-based moves. It has a different inclination degree from the other grips of this collection. If set with the jug downwards, you can either use it as a sloppy foothold or as a reverse hand jug. Set with other shapes of this collection, you can also create funky dyno moves, one shape facing another one from which climbers will propell themselves to a third shape of this collection. For advanced climbers, it can be set on highly overhanging walls, and be used as a start hold using a heel hook or a toe hook, for example. Another shape of this collection could be used a start hold for the hands, among others.

Aesthetics: The look is inspired by waves.

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Quantity of holds


Quantity of bolts and screws

1 of each, not included


DF washer

Screw washer





Traffic White, Sky Blue, Signal Blue, Leaf Green, Pure Green, Zinc Yellow, Traffic Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pure Orange, Traffic Red, Telemagenta, Purple US, Signal Violet, Jet Black, Silver Grey, Fluo Yellow (PU only), Fluo Orange (PU only), Fluo Pink (PU only), Fluo Green (PU only)


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